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I have two directories that contains directories and source files. The other directory contains the modified source codes and the other one is unmodified source codes. And I want to see what source code was modified and see the modified part of the code. And I also want to output the result in a single text file.

I know I have to use the diff tool but I'm not sure what options should I use in the diff tool. Do I need to create a script for this or just one line command to do the task?

Please advise.


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You might want to do something like

diff -rw directory1 directory2 > diff.txt

where -r makes it recursive (so all sub-directories are scanned, too), -w is for ignoring all white-space (e.g., stray spaces or tabs somebody inserted), and > diff.txt redirects your output to the file diff.txt. More options can be found in the man page:

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