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We are developing a fairly complex commercial server / client java application.

We have several property files with lots of properties that an "administrator" may need to tune/edit.

What is best way to communicate what these do - some of the props are complex so it's difficult to make the property name descriptive enough.

Adding comments in the property file seems a bit messy.

Documenting in our install/user guide will add extra over head & lots of hassle?

Any advice?

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I vote for comments so when I'm in there, it makes sense. –  Randy Feb 7 '12 at 0:32

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Put everything down into the installation manual and tell them to RTFM. As simple as that. In any case, comments in the properties files are always welcome.

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Thanks guys - Now answering my own question ... we have decided best approach in first release (or two) that we will stick exclusively to property files until product becomes much more stable.

Then in a future release we will copy all this text into a more friendly doc for our customers (when it is less "fluid")

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