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How can I select a tab as if it was clicked by clicking on a button? I have googled and looked at all the actions but there are just just so many... :(

Anyone know off hand?

Thanks in advance!

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Add an action listener to the button that calls setSelectedComponent, or setSelectedIndex on the JTabbedPane.

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If your jtabbedpane's name is mytabbedpane it goes like this:


which returns the int of that tab (0,1 .. n) or


which returns the String of the tab's name ("Firts tab","Second tab",...).

If you want to use the "getSelectedComponent()" for boolean logic you should write something like:

if (mytabbedpane.getSelectedComponent().equals("First tab")) {
     //code here

and for the "getSelectedIndex()" one is of course:

if (mytabbedpane.getSelectedIndex() == 0) {
     //code here
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I'm not sure what you mean about the button, but you might be looking for setSelectedComponent or setSelectedIndex.

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Try this code:

tabbedPane.addTab(tabName, component);
int count = tabbedPane.getTabCount();
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