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I have to C++ source files and I want to see the difference between the two files. But I don't want to see the diff between the comments.

Please advise.

Many thanks.

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Do you have multi-line comments that aren't starting with * in every line? If not, I could hack something together with grep –  Niklas B. Feb 7 '12 at 0:52

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One way would be to use the pre-processor to remove the comments and pass this into diff using process substitution...

diff -uwB <(g++ -E left.cpp) <(g++ -E right.cpp)

Of course this will pull in files that you #include and expand your #define macros, too. If they haven't changed, this should be quite readable.

The switches I have passed to diff are:

-w  --ignore-all-space  Ignore all white space.
-B  --ignore-blank-lines  Ignore changes whose lines are all blank.
-u  -U NUM  --unified[=NUM]  Output NUM (default 3) lines of unified context.
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