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My ASP.Net MVC3 web site that logs into Facebook is no longer working after moving to an Azure based cloud project. I am using the Azure SDK 1.6 and fail during the the OAuth steps.

I had a working site that ran locally at http://localhost:1200 which matched the Application Url setting that was registered for the application on Facebook. Now when I try to start the project in debug mode, it goes through the Azure emulator which maps the web site (role) to I've tried updating the Facebook app url to the same address but it fails.

I've been investigating this and I've noticed that the Azure emulator automatically creates on the fly a new IIS web site and employs a load balancer for its created virtual IPs for the individual projects within the cloud solution. Is there a way to get a project to debug successfully and still talk to Facebook when running the Azure emulator within Visual Studio?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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I would not use localhost for Facebook applications.

What I did, I had registered my real domain in Facebook (such as myapp.com) Then I created a record in my hosts file (Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) dev.myapp.com

which is sub-domain of my production domain, so it's allowed by FB;

And then I used dev.myapp.com as callback address for Facebook; I also setup Visual Studio to run http://dev.myapp.com:anyport on start application debugging.

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I appreciate the suggestion and we don't have a domain registered yet as this is just exploration work. Are you able to make this work while debugging with Visual Studio when the Azure emulator is running? –  Kellen Winslow Feb 7 '12 at 17:58
I would register some fake domain on facebook (such as mytestfbapp.com) and put this fake domain in mine hosts file. It will work fine on your own PC. –  Andrey Kuleshov Feb 8 '12 at 13:48

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