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I have a standard html based textarea. That I want to go over the entered text as someone enters it looking for keywords or phrases. So I can catch them if typed and trigger an event accordingly. In this example I want to wrap the particular keywords or phrases in a bracket kind of like bbcode. My issue is I am Some keywords and or phrases are similar, so I don't want the action to fire off multiple times or at the wrong time. Right now the closest thing I can think of thats remotely similar to this is Facebook when you start typing someones name in the status box. There name kind of does an auto complete like thing. This is something I eventually want to expand this out towards but for now I am happy with just catching the keywords and or phrases accordingly and triggering the series of events I want to happen when they are found.

Trying to find a starting point for this. Also I need to fire off another event if the text is removed from the string that is the textarea. Which I think I can rebase off the inital concept I am looking for here.

Now I know what some may think I am not looking for an end solution (unless you have one and want to offer it up). I am mostly looking for logic points in how to approach this from start to finish. But all in all I am just trying to figure out how to specifically iterate over the textarea to find keywords and phrases specifically. I figure everytime someone hits the space key I can have it fire off an event to scan if you will the enter textarea. But doing the scan is the part the confusing part at the moment.

The phrases and keywords are stored in an array also.

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In my opinion the hardest part will be keeping track of where the cursor is (bearing in mind that the user may not be typing at the end) because by default when you programmatically change a textarea that tends to move the cursor... –  nnnnnn Feb 7 '12 at 2:02
Which is in part some of my issue, I have a really crude version of what I am looking for that I built throughout the last few hours, but it doesn't work the way I would like it all in all. So now Im trying to find a way to kind of read the textarea like I would a text file in php and literally scan through for keywords and phrases.. Which even then is pragmatic cause if you have like keywords that are also in a phrase which takes precedence and how. The one I worked on through out today I kinda just scrapped now Im looking to start over. It scans based on space key but its crude at best. –  chris Feb 7 '12 at 2:17

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