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        div {
    <script src=""></script>

    <button id="left">&laquo;</button>
    <button id="right">&raquo;</button>
    <div class="block"></div>
        $("#right").click(function () {
                "left": "+=50px"
            }, "slow");

        $("#left").click(function () {
                "left": "-=50px"
            }, "slow");

The question I have is the significance of "left" in $(".block").animate({"left": "-=50px"}, "slow"); I changed to "right" on both now the block isn't moving or animating now. It only seesm to work when "left".

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Maybe try animating the margins instead – Eric Feb 7 '12 at 2:09
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I believe when there is a conflict between left and right, left is taking precedence. You really shouldn't be defining both, just one or the other.

Remove left from the css and then changing to right should work.

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For one you are defining left, which will hold priority. If you want right to work, remove the left declaration from your css.

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right and left both cannot work in relative positioning. You can only make use of one property

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It is happening because you're using the left absolute positioning. Change it to right and it works.

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