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My page has elements class .fixed with a z-index of 1 and a #container with a z-index of 2, and this worked correctly until recently when they appear to have reversed. I can't figure out what change to the code has caused this. Can you take a look?

The text is .fixed and the photos are in the #container. For me the photos scroll underneath the text instead of over it like they should. I've only tried on Chrome, though.

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How about you post the relevant markup and code for us to see. – Gabe Feb 7 '12 at 2:15

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Give your #container element a position: relative; and your problem should go away. You may also find this expository piece on z-index helpful.

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Something with a position:fixed selector will be above a position:static (the default) block element. The fix for this case, would be to make the div id container relatively positioned. (#container { position:relative; })

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