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I have a simple CMS running PHP/MySQL and I'm looking for the most efficient way to update LONGTEXT fields across multiple tables when I change the title/url for a page.

For example: I change the page "/contact" to "/contact-us" and I want any LONGTEXT fields across multiple tables containing

...<a href="/contact">...

to update to

...<a href="/contact-us>"...

I know I could just do a SELECT, match records and replace, but I'm thinking there has to be some method that's lighter on the MySQL...

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I found this:

UPDATE table SET some_column = REPLACE(some_column, 'href="/contact', 'href="/contact-us')

Which appears to do exactly what I'm looking for.

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run the following in order to find the entries that contain the string you want to change

mysqldump -u username db-name | grep "<a href=\"/contact\">"

and then go one-by-one and update the relevant entries.

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