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I've got a question when doing a project.

I need to call a Java program in a C++ program, and it is in linux; and the Java program has a package, so that I have to set the Classpath for it.

The problem is, I can't run the java program like this:

java -classpath Server/main/java/ Sever

But I can do this:

export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:Server/main/java

java Sever

However, the strange thing is that if I try to call the java program in other dir, even export CLASSPATH don't work. (I've changed the CLASSPATH so that it match the current dir)

I don't know why. I have to do system call in C program, so export Classpath won't work,(I don't know why).

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What is your question? –  Mike Samuel Feb 7 '12 at 2:45
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You are setting a relative path into your CLASSPATH that gets interpreted differently, depending on where you launch your program from. Use fully qualified paths instead.

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