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i just want to ask how to split name using SQL Server 2008. i found this code Split Name

here's the code

 SELECT SUBSTRING(Leadname, 1, NULLIF(CHARINDEX(' ', Leadname) - 1, -1)) AS [FirstName],
 SUBSTRING(Leadname, CHARINDEX(' ', Leadname) + 1, LEN(Leadname)) AS [LastName]
 FROM Customer

lets say that the data is "John Doe", and using that query, the output like this :

   First Name    Last Name
   John          Doe

but in my Customer Table, i have Leadname only one word like John. Using that query, i get the result like this :

   First Name   Last Name
   NULL         John

all i want, if i only have one word in my Leadname, the result is

   First Name   Last Name
   John         NULL

what should i do to make it ?


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This works:

 SUBSTRING(Name, 1, case when CHARINDEX(' ', Name) = 0 then LEN(Name) else CHARINDEX(' ', Name) end) AS [FirstName],
 case when CHARINDEX(' ', Name) = 0 then null else  SUBSTRING(Name, CHARINDEX(' ', Name) + 1, LEN(Name)) end
 AS [LastName]
    select 'jon doe' Name
    select 'jon'
 ) X


FirstName LastName
--------- --------
jon       doe
jon       NULL

(2 row(s) affected)

You could do it a bit cleaner albeit slightly less efficiently with a user defined function

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thank you for your help. it works in my table. once again, thank you very much –  ntep vodka Feb 7 '12 at 9:37

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