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In my case, box-shadow in the Sarari of Win7 is fine.

But in Mac doesn't work. Should I use -webkit-box-shadow? But why box-shadow in the windows is OK?

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Safari only supports the unprefixed version of box-shadow starting from version 5.1 on the desktop; older versions only support it via the vendor extension -webkit-box-shadow, as shown here: http://caniuse.com/css-boxshadow

Your Mac's Safari may be 5.0 or older, while your Windows PC's Safari is at least version 5.1, which explains the behavior you're seeing.

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box-shadow is the CSS3 property which is generic. But most of the browsers with CSS3 support implement their own CSS3 attributes like -webkit-box-shadow, -moz-box-shadow etc. Recent versions of firefox, chrome, safari and opera support the generic CSS3 properties. Check the version of safari you are using. But for cross browser compatibility, also include vendor specific CSS3 properties to maintain uniformity across all versions of browsers.

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