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I have lot of AJAX functionality in my site and a component we freelanced was using CakePHP Security Component very tightly with the forms and this is lot of trouble.

How to disable Security Component site-wide in CakePHP? Just disabling it the app_controller.php is not helping because it is tightly coupled with some validation and black-hole stuff.

Any ideas?

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Even if you disable it in your app_controller your individual controller may have that security enabled.As my wild guess says this is what you want to do.If not let me know more about it.

function beforeFilter(){

    if(isset($this->Security) && $this->RequestHandler->isAjax() && $this->action = 'add'){

        $this->Security->enabled = false;



you can read more about this here .Hope this will solve your problem

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Yea, I already found this one! Was looking more like a flag that can disable the complete functionality! But I understand it might be tough to have depending on how each controller is using it! –  JAGAMOT Feb 7 '12 at 14:06

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