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when i use stripslashes in php but i did not get the exact solution. I have menstion below which i used in my code those are Example if i have the value in table like suresh\'s kuma\"r
i trying to display the value in the following three formats but no one is giving exact value

1) value=<?=stripslashes($row[1])?> //output is suresh's
2) value='<?=stripslashes($row[1])?>' //output is suresh
3) value="<?=stripslashes($row[1])?>" //output is suresh's kuma

But the exact output i need is suresh's kuma"r

let me know how to resolve the this issue?

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You forgot to describe the issue –  zerkms Feb 7 '12 at 6:05

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The issue has nothing do to with stripslashes. If I guess correctly, the problem lies in the fact that in your examples quotes break the html field attribute;

I'll show you by manually echoing out your $row content as per your infos:

  1. value=sures kumar --> leads to browser to interpret this as value="sures" kumar
  2. value='suresh'khumar --> well, same story value='sures' khumar
  3. value="Suresh"Khumar -->what can I say...you know the drill

Escaping the quotes won't affect html, since backslashes has no meaning in html. Both value="Suresh" and value="Suresh\" will work fine for the browser, but your name will always be interpreted by the browser as some unknown attribute, leaving only the first part inside the value.

What you might do, instead, is apply htmlentities($row[1],ENT_QUOTES) so that they get converted in the equivalent entity (&quote;,for ex.) and not break your value attribute. See manual.

Another issue is that you shouldn't be having backslashes in your database in the first place; this might be due to the presence of magic_quotes enabled in your provider, or you passing manually addslashes() or other wrong trickery. If you want to insert into a database values containing quotes, use the escaping mechanism provided by your database driver (mysql_real_escape_string() in mysql, for ex.), or better tools (preparated statements with query bindings).

You should first get rid of all the slashes using that stripslashes and re-saving back the content; but slashes or not, the issue would appear again if you don't format that appropriately for your html, as I showed above.

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Are you sure you want stripslashes instead of addslashes? Is the purpose is to quote the " characters?

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yes i will use addslashes –  SureshKumar Vegesna Feb 7 '12 at 7:07
@Suresh what's the use of addslashes? if for the database, it's wrong. If for html, it's useless... –  Damien Pirsy Feb 8 '12 at 9:42
@DamienPirsy that's fair enough. If you are sure that you want only to quote ' and ", then use it. If not, use htmlentities(). –  jcisio Feb 8 '12 at 10:12

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