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can anyone help me how to display a simple timer using TTimer component in Delphi? I have a label where will the countdown from 5-0 will be displayed. Please help. Just a simple one. Thanks

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You don't say what the time interval between 5 and 0 is, but I'll assume that it's seconds. You need to define a global variable of type integer with an initial value of 5 (I'll call it 'countdown'), and a timer with an interval of 1000. Its OnTimer method will be as follows:

Procedure Timer1Timer (sender: TObject);
 if countdown > 0 then
   dec (countdown);
   label1.caption:= inttostr (countdown)
 else timer1.enabled:= false

When you want the countdown to commence, enable the timer and set the label's caption to be '5'.

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Thanks for that! it helped me. –  Tony Feb 7 '12 at 6:45

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