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I have made an extensive script that runs fine when started from the command line or IDLE. But when I try to run it with cron it keeps giving errors: IOError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe

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If your script runs too long, cron will close it's stdout/stderr that are normally redirected to a log file (through cron). Attempting to print after the timeout will give you broken pipe.

A solution is to use logging or print only to your own log files and never to stdout.

Also, cron has different envinronment, specified at the top of crontab or cron.(daily|hourly|...) files. Make sure it is correct, especially if you rely on PATH or HOME that are set at login.

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Without actually seeing a single example of your cron command or what your script does, im assuming you have a popen or aome subprocess command in your script. And its trying to write output to a pipe that may not exist under the context of your cron. Try logging the outlut of your commands to a file instead.

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