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Can anyone tell me how to cope with illegal file names in java? When I run the following on Windows:

File badname = new File("C:\\Temp\\a:b");

System.out.println(badname.getAbsolutePath()+" length="+badname.length());

FileWriter w = new FileWriter(badname);
w.write("hello world");

System.out.println(badname.getAbsolutePath()+" length="+badname.length());

The output shows that the file has been created and has the expected length, but in C:\Temp all I can see is a file called "a" with 0 length. Where is java putting the file?

What I'm looking for is a reliable way to throw an error when the file can't be created. I can't use exists() or length() - what other options are there?

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In that particular example, the data is being written to a named stream. You can see the data you've written from the command line as follows:

 more < .\a:b

For information about valid file names, look here.

To answer your specific question: exists() should be sufficient. Even in this case, after all, the data is being written to the designated location - it just wasn't where you expected it to be! If you think this case will cause problems for your users, check for the presence of a colon in the file name.

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I've been using Windows for a very long time, and I'd never heard of named streams. I wonder what architecture astronaut came up with that? – Mark Ransom Feb 7 '12 at 22:23

I would suggest looking at Regular Expressions. They allow you to break apart a string and see if certain characteristics apply. The other method that would work is splitting the String into a char[], and then processing each point to see what's in it, and if it's legal... but I think RegEx would work much better.

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You should take a look at Regular Expressions and create a pattern which will match any illegal character, something like this:

String fileName = "...";
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("[:;!?]");
Matcher matcher = pattern.match(fileName);

if (matcher.find())
    //Do something when the file name has an illegal character.

Note: I have not tested this code, but it should be enough to get you on the right track. The above code will match any string which contains a :, ;, `!' and '?'. Feel free to add/remove as you see fit.

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You can use File.renameTo(File dest);.

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Get the file name first:

String fileName = fullPath.substring(fullPath.lastIndexOf('\\'), fullPath.length);

Create an array of all special chars not allowed in file names.

for each char in array, check if fileName contains it. I guess, Java has a pre-built API for it.

Check this.

Note: This solution assumes that parent directory exists

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