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Could somebody please help remove the extra pixels under the orange box on the site:


Somebody else setup the site and now I am trying to edit it.


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Try adding display: block to the image. I just tried that with Chrome dev tools and it worked.

a img { display: block; }

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thanks, that worked! –  Graeme Cowbeller Feb 7 '12 at 7:37
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If you remove the line-height property from the below css declaration, I think it should work:

iframe#launch-video-frame, div#blog-contents{}
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Update your code by fixing box height equal to image height to remove extra margin under orange box as:

div id="blog" class="shaded box" style="height: 363px";

Also, the padding of 5px in <a> tag is displaying a blue bar when hovering on image bottom(unless you did it purposely) :)

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