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I am writing an android project, and just want to play a specified part of a video(eg: 10s-15s), So how to get the data(which I use it and can play from 10s to 15s without the original video file, of course the data contains the video's 10s-15s data)?

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Unfortunately there is no Media Extractor available on android from the SDK to extract the data. You will have to do this offline on a PC using PC tools.

But you can however implement what you want to do in Android, as follows ..

  • Create a instance of MediaPlayer and set the source to the file you want to play.
  • Prepare the mediaplayer
  • seek to the 10th second.
  • Start the playback using the play
  • Keep querying the mediaplayer for the current time of the playback, when it hits 15 seconds, call stop on the media player. Or you can write a delayed message for your handler and stop the playback when you get the delayed message.
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