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We have an app in which we are using hibernate with mysql db.

We have a db script import.sql which have some insert into statements and we also have some date fields in db like start_date end_date in which we are string dates in default format, that is,YYYY-MM-DD.

Now issue is at the time of retrieving/comparing dates hibernates showing strange behaviour for example suppose if we have a date 2012-01-30 then hibernate reads in proper format that is, Jan 30 2012, but if we have a date like 2012-02-06 then hibernate reads as June 02 2012. my DAO for comparing and retrieving result is as follows

public final List<Record> getPastRecords(final java.util.Date currentDate) {
List<Record> pastRecord =  session.createCriteria(Record.class)
    .add(Restrictions.lt("endTime", currentDate))
return pastRecord;

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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What is your hibernate configuration for this property? Can you share that? – Vijay Shanker Feb 7 '12 at 8:58

without detailed code explanation guessing what may be the problem is very hard through i guess it may be because of java.util.Date try to use java.sql.Date as when you call methods/constructors of libraries that deal with database better to use wrapper of java.util.Date which is java.sql.Date.

refer http://www.theresearchkitchen.com/archives/58

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