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I'm developing a wp7 app using VS 2010 express edition. I want to create a local database in my app so I write a entity class for a table. I'm just following this MSDN tutorial How to: Create a Basic Local Database Application for Windows Phone I cant find answer for my question there. My assumption is Database is going to be created when app is running first time on phone

How can I specify

  • a column as nvarchar(25) and
  • another column as datetime in UTC format

I used DBType attribute property to set a column for identity peoperty, How can I set seed value ?

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What have you tried for setting the column values? and what happened when you did? See also stackoverflow.com/questions/3951909/… –  Matt Lacey Feb 7 '12 at 21:16

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Finally I found answers for my questions. DBType property of Column attribute can be used to set sql types for a column in code. This is my solution:

    private string _placeName;
    [Column(DbType="NVarChar(10) NOT NULL")]
    //[MaxLength(10), MinLength(5)]
    public string PlaceName
            return _placeName;
            if (_placeName != value)
                _placeName = value;


(I tried MaxLength attribute of DataAnnotation namespace, but entityframework is not supported in phone app)

Like this we can use 'exact text that is used by T-SQL' in DBType property.

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