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I’m using eclipse rcp forms ,

I'm trying to set an Image using


merely it sets image to the left of form text. How can i place an image towards top right corner of the form title text.

As shown in below pic(image is the default overview tab of any RCP application) enter image description here

From the above pic I understand that the images/widgets are placed beside the Form text(apologies if I’m wrong).

As a workaround I tried placing a composite in the form head, but I believe that form head comes after form title level(if we consider form title as 1st row, then form head appears as 2nd row)

Composite composite = formToolkit.createComposite(form.getHead(), SWT.NONE);
composite.setLayout(new GridLayout(2, false));

In this fashion i attempted to place components to the composite but anyways I don't get the desired style as shown in the image.

How to place an image to the top right of the form title

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You cannot set images to the right corner. What you see in the attached image is a toolbar with some IContributionItem's

To create something you have to override org.eclipse.ui.forms.editor.SharedHeaderFormEditor.createHeaderContents(IManagedForm) with something like:

protected void createHeaderContents(final IManagedForm headerForm) {

    Action action = new Action("Do something") {
        public ImageDescriptor getImageDescriptor() {
            return imageDescriptorOfRightImage;

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