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I have a Games model which hasMany Avatars and Agents. When i remove the game, i want to clean up all the remaining data, so i also want to remove all Avatars and Agents with the corresponding game_id:

namespace app\models;

use app\models\Avatars;
use app\models\Agents;

class Games extends \lithium\data\Model
    public static function __init($options = array()) {
        $self = static::_instance(__CLASS__);

        Games::applyFilter('remove', function($self, $params, $chain) {

            $conditions = array( 'game_id' => $params['conditions']['_id'] );

            $message = new \app\extensions\helper\Message();
            $debugString = var_export($conditions, true);
            //params:array ( 'game_id' => '4f301f69a170c8cf52000002', )

            if(!Agents::remove($conditions)) { $message->addErrorMessage('Es konnten nicht alle Agents geloescht werden.'); };
            if(!Avatars::remove($conditions)) { $message->addErrorMessage('Es konnten nicht alle Avatare geloescht werden.'); };

            return $chain->next($self, $params, $chain);


Though the game gets removed, agents and avatars remain in the MongoDB. Does someone have a hint on this?

Example of agent in db

{ "_id" : ObjectId("4f301f71a170c8391f000000"), "game_id" : ObjectId("4f301f69a170c8cf52000002"), "type" : "army", "subtype" : "deer", "units" : 5, "xPos" : 5, "yPos" : 5 }
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I'd have to look, but I don't think remove() casts values. You'd need to do:

$conditions = array( 'game_id' => new MongoId($params['conditions']['_id']));
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thx Nate, i will have a look at it –  Tomen Feb 7 '12 at 14:43
Yes, i can confirm this as a valid solution. Thank you =) –  Tomen Feb 7 '12 at 16:24

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