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how is it possible to pass the allowed roles as property?:

<sec:ifAnyGranted roles="#{item.allowedRolesToRender}">

Where Item is not a bean but the var of an dataList:

<rich:dataList value="${handler.itemlist}" var="item"

I tried to return array/comma-separated-string/list but it seems the the get method is never called. And i always get:

com.sun.facelets.FaceletException: roles must be given
at org.springframework.security.taglibs.facelets.IfAnyGrantedTag.apply(IfAnyGrantedTag.java:41)


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Use like this.

<sec:authorize ifAnyGranted="#{item.allowedRolesToRender}">

And allowedRolesToRender should be given as a comma-separated list of strings


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