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my idea is to get the video from CCTV on a personal computer and then transmit it online.The transmission will be through UDP.The main problem is to get the video from CCTV camera on PC.Can anyone guide me who had done such thing before?or Is there any way to get video from Android phone on my PC "Wireless"? I am tagging Php because they might did such thing before

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What the heck does this mean? "The main problem is to get the video from CCTV camera on PC." You mean a Webcam? An analog camera? An IP camera? CCTV is an extremely broad term and can pretty much refer to any camera system with a way to monitor it in real (or near real) time. –  John Green Feb 7 '12 at 9:41
@JohnGreen-PageSpike it means any camera.i couls use any camera but most probably Ip camera –  ZainShah120 Feb 7 '12 at 9:47

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Try Ip cam viewer from Android Market. PS:-No idea for CCTV,but Cam viewer works on android for IP camera

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when working with real world stuff in your case a cctv camera, you need to work with micro-controllers, either(microchip or an arduino) , they have instructions for doing virtually everything. basically they collect info from your cctv camera and find a way of streaming it to your pc and eventually online as some of these tiny chips come with web functionality. hope this helps

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