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I neva worked with solaris or Linux before, and would like to find out how i can install oracle application express using command line in solaris, after i have installed my oracle database 11g in solaris aswell.

I already have an idea of how to install the database.

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Installation of Application Express (APEX) is largely Operating System agnostic. The process is based around running a number of scripts. When performing APEX installations, my primary tool is SQL Plus.

Depending on the version\edition of the Oracle Database you install, you probably already have a version of APEX ready to use. You can check which version of APEX your database has by running the following sql statement:

select version_no from apex_release

More information about installing Apex can be found in the documentation.

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the documentation on the oracle website is well done. i installed apex on Solaris 10 and it works fine

basically, you just need to execute a few SQL scripts (create some users, import data), and afterwards run a java program to start the apex listener

check the documentation, it should be understandable even without too much of Solaris knowledge

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