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I have a little question about "how can i handle user when they are online" series...

The intro : I use MySQL for saving the online users, when they are logged of course, and everything works great.. when they logout i delete the row in "online_users" table.

The problem : When someone clear the browser data the $_SESSION[] results empty and the user is not logged in, of course, BUT in my Database i'm still having the row for that user, and it means that for my datase he is online .. and that is not good you know.

First solution : I decide to check, every time someone made a login, if there's a row, with the userID in "online_user", to make an Update QUERY, else i do an Insert QUERY.

But i think this is not the best solution, because it means that i have some garbage row in "online_users" until they remake the login...

Can some one tell me if there's another great solution for this problem?

I think i can use HTML5 with localstorage but not every browser support it...

What should i do in this case?

Thanks for every answers.

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It has been answered for million times: have a last activity field in your online users table and delete the rows with last activity older than 15 minutes ago

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Thank you :) i really forget it :) –  Claudio Ludovico Malorgio Feb 7 '12 at 16:48

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