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I have the following protoc file:

message DataChunk{
    required bool isHash=1;
    required int64 hash=2;
    required string data=3;

message responseBody{
    repeated DataChunk dataChunk=1;

And I have the following C++ function:

void eamorr(string data){   //data is a protocol buffer stream converted to a string
    responseBody rb;

    rb=some_function_of(data);   //what to do here?

The string "data" was created using:

std::ostringstream stream;
string protobufStream = stream.str();

My question is: how do I convert a string to a protoc object so I can access the member elements? Please bear in mind that I'm very new to C++.

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You can use

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Greetings, thanks for that. It's working now. Sorry for belated reply. – Eamorr Feb 7 '12 at 13:46

When creating the data object why not make :

responseBody rb; //this is your proto object;

Then on deserializing:

void eamorr(string data){
    responseBody rb;
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Thanks for that - it's working now. – Eamorr Feb 7 '12 at 13:46

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