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I'm trying to use sunspot with mongoid, but sunspot is not connecting to Solr. Following error reported by Rails when trying to connect to Solr.

Errno::ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused - connect(2))

I use bundle exec rake sunspot:solr:start to run Solr and I've confirmed that Solr is running on the development port (8982) as defined in config/sunspot.yml

When I run Sunspot.config in Rails console, I see that:


Then I changed the development/production ports to 8984/8985, Solr starts from the new dev port (8984) but Sunspot.config in Rails console still returns (neither 8984 or 8985, which implies it doesn't read sunspot.yml at all)

Am I missing some intialization steps for Sunspot in Rails?

I'm using the following versions:

  • ruby 1.9.3
  • rails (3.2.1)
  • sunspot (1.3.0)
  • sunspot_rails (1.3.0)
  • sunspot_mongoid (0.4.1)
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Answering my own question. Actually my problem turned out to be sunspot_mongoid, which isn't rails-aware when installed as a gem, I had to add it into thr rails project as a rails plugin, which then loads config/sunspot.yml correctly

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How do i add this gem as plugin? –  Rafiu Jun 21 '12 at 5:54

Have you exit you console, start it again and checked?

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I had a similar problem when trying to use sunspot_index_queue form the console and it turned out that sunspot was not getting the configuration it needed from sunspot_rails (which gets it from your sunspot.yml) Some slight modification to your environments.rb file should do the trick. This is what I had to do in my case (posting it if anyone finds this page from google):

SunspotConfig = Sunspot::Rails::Configuration.new
Sunspot.session = Sunspot::IndexQueue::SessionProxy.new(
    :session => Sunspot::Session.new{|config| config.solr.url = "http://#{SunspotConfig.hostname}:#{SunspotConfig.port}/solr"}

To use without the queue, the local thread proxy should recover from your sunspot.yml automatically, so you won't need to worry. Try Sunspot::Configuration or Sunspot::Rails::Configuration instead if you're interested in anything thats in your sunspot.yml file. (Remember to instantiate!)

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