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I want to extract some hourly data from rrdtool databases in order to create some graphs within a dashboard system.

These databases don't have an hourly datasource, the closest is a 30-min datasource (they are generated by munin)

Now, I can use rrdfetch, but that doesn't do the nice averaging that rrdgraph would do, so something like this

rrdtool fetch xxx-apache_accesses-accesses80-d.rrd AVERAGE \
   --resolution 3600 -s 1328458200 -e 1328544600

Might give me 30 min data points like this

2012-Feb-05 16:30:00 3.5376357135e+00
2012-Feb-05 17:00:00 3.4655067194e+00
2012-Feb-05 17:30:00 4.0483210375e+00
2012-Feb-05 18:00:00 4.3210061422e+00

I could average those, but it seems that rrdgraph can output parsable text, but I can't figure out the correct incantation. Here's what I've tried

 rrdtool graph dummy.png -s 1328523300 -e 1328609700 \
     DEF:access=xxx-apache_accesses-accesses80-d.rrd:42:AVERAGE \
     "PRINT:access:AVERAGE: %5.1lf %S"



Now I think that's simply the average for the period given, but is there any way to get rrdtool to spit out an average for particular chunks or step sizes? I tried --step but this did not change the output.

I could call rrdtool graph for each data point I need, but that seems rather wasteful.

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No sooner had I posted than I hit upon the right approach!

rrdtool xport -s 1328523300 -e 1328609700 --step 3600 \
    DEF:access=xxx-apache_accesses-accesses80-d.rrd:42:AVERAGE \

This gives me the dump I need...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

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yep ... :-) also note that if you want to parse the output of graph, you better use graphv – Tobi Oetiker Feb 8 '12 at 7:15
The man himself! Thanks for taking a look. Love your work :) – Paul Dixon Feb 16 '12 at 13:47

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