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I need to parse a huge xml feed containing games data and download all the games through the url node of each repeating item to my server.

I have no problem parsing the xml feed, I need to know the best way to download the files from their remote site to my server. Also bear in mind that the feed contains several thousands of items.

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What have you tried so far? – Leigh Feb 7 '12 at 11:17
Please mention your problems. XML reading or file downloading or ? – PHP Connect Feb 7 '12 at 12:38
my problem is file downloading. I already parse the xml feed using the simpleXML library. I`m not a php guru so I need the best way to download the files and also need to know is it ok to issue the command to download the thousands of files in the same time. – Mahmoud Badri Feb 7 '12 at 14:02
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I solved it using the php file_get_contents()/file_put_contents() which is very easy to use and works perfectly. The only problem I have now is that if I try to grab around 50+ games at once, sometimes the server returns an error and I have to request less number say 25 games to be able to get them without problem. Anyway I can ask the server to get me huge amount say 500-1000 game without throwing an error?

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