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  • i want the code to end if the variable $answer is not '4' or 'four'.

  • If the varible $answer is equal to 4 or four - program goes on to process the code.

any help gratefully received.


if( ! in_array($answer, array(4, 'four')))
       //if answer is not in an array containing either 4 or four then..
        echo "You have entered the security question incorrectly. Your request will NOT be processed";
    if ($from != "")
            //test send mail to Melanie 
            mail($to, $subject, $contents, $from_header);

            // redirect back to url visitor came from
            $display_blockmsg = "Thank you, <b>$_POST[title] $_POST[firstname] $_POST[lastname]</b>, <br>
                                Your contact form details have been sent to us <br>
                                Your contact details are:<br><br>
                                <b>Address:</b> $_POST[address1] 
                                <b>City:</b> $_POST[city]<br>
                                <b>County:</b> $_POST[county]<br>
                                <b>Postcode:</b> $_POST[postcode]<br>
                                <b>Country:</b> $_POST[country]<br>
                                <b>Telephone:</b> $_POST[telephone]<br>
                                <b>email:</b> $_POST[from]<br><br>";        
      $display_blockmsg = "<center><b>The email field</b> is empty. Please go back and complete this field.</center>"; 
} //end of first else ...if
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Looks good to me. – Pateman Feb 7 '12 at 10:37

try this

if( ! in_array($answer, array('4', 'four'))) instead of if( ! in_array($answer, array(4, 'four')))

The $answer is a string and in array it is a numeric (integer)

So its better to use

if( $answer != 4 && $answer != 'four')

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An if control looks like

if(// condition is true) { 
} elseif (// another condition is true ) { 
  // anotherthing 
} else { 
  // somethingelse 

If you exit from an if statement, the rest of the code will not be executed.

The manual is very helpful -

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For two options you don't need to create an array and use array option. Just use this:

if ($answer != 4 && $answer != 'four')
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hi thanks so far my brackets are up the spout ?unfort. i can't repaste code ? pls help – M watson Feb 7 '12 at 11:21
I restored your code. Brackets look fine to me. – PiTheNumber Feb 7 '12 at 11:27
pi thanks v. much going to complete this later today – M watson Feb 7 '12 at 14:51

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