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In Drupal 7, I'm trying to output a list of users related to a node in a view, which I've got working fine.

However, the only way to link to the user profile is to use the user:name field in views, which gives me the markup

<a href="/users/username">username</a>.

I've got two additional profile fields, user:Firstname and user:Lastname, but can't see to find a way to do this:

<a href="/users/username">[user:firstname] [user:lastname]</a> 

as each time I try and rewrite the output of the link, it refuses to work; user:url doesn't exist as option in my views UI (which contains the link I need according to Devel).


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I've not used it. But my educated guess is that the easiest solution for you would be to look at the realname module, which should do all the heavy lifting for you.

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I guess I could use another module, but it seems insane considering I've already seemingly got the values there, but can't output them.. – Neokoenig Feb 12 '12 at 10:47

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