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Does anyone out there know what image format results in the fastest loading speeds? I haven't done any checks, but if someone has, please comment.

I know that the android docs say that it supports: .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .BMP, .WEBP. Lets say that I have to load many images very quickly, which format should I use to get the best performance? I am already using low-res and hi-res images. Loading the low-res images is very fast, but if you scroll my screen very fast, sometimes it can't quite keep up (there is a black section).

Also, does the method of loading matter? I'm currently using BitmapFactory.DecodeFile(path) as it is the easiest. I load the images asynchronously, so there is no 'hiccup' in the UI but we sometimes see black sections for a few milliseconds.

I know this also has to do with I/O speeds, but lets live in an ideal world where this speed is negligible.

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My guess is, the bottleneck will be I/O speed, not CPU speed. Which means the most compressed format will be the fastest, even though it takes CPU time to decompress. So the answer is JPEG.

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My two cents: I've done some tests, with a large image (1200x1700) loaded as a background resource (and resized to fit the fragment width) in a Fragment onCreateView() method.

Here's 4 timing measurements (image loading + layout inflate) for each image format in ms:

PNG: 212 200 188 220 (saved with Photoshop)
PNG: 200 196 224 192 (compressed with TinyPNG)
JPG: 248 248 260 244

So I guess PNG (no matter which, Photoshop or TinyPNG) is slightly faster to load than JPG.

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Data. I like answers with data instead of guesses, thank you! – Jack Jackson Jul 8 '15 at 10:01

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