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I have a report with a column TaxBase printed by a method TaxBase().

At the end of my report section I need to display the Sum of TaxBase column. I don't know how!

Maybe the property SumAll can help? But, how is it used?

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Setting the SumAll property will help calculate report totals provided you use footer sections.

Your footer section has to have a sum control (of class ReportSumControl) and reference the summed field in the DataFieldName property.

This can done implicitly using an auto design. Take the report TaxDeviation as an example. It has the fields TaxAmount and TaxBaseAmount with the SumAll property set. The footer sections are generated at runtime for the grand total footer section and for each sort field with an AutoSum property set to Yes.

You can see this clearly if you generate the design by choosing "Generate design" on the ReportDesign1 node.

You can by code reference the generated sums by using element.sumControl or element.sum. This can for example be used to calculate contribution ratios (using both methods):

display ContributionRatio contributionRatioSum()
    SalesLine locSalesLine = this.last(tableNum(SalesLine));
    SalesAmount salesAmount = Currency::MSTAmount(element.sum(tableNum(SalesLine), fieldNum(SalesLine,LineAmount)), locSalesLine.CurrencyCode);
    return salesAmount ? 100.0 * dg(salesAmount, element.sumControl(identifierStr(costAmount))) : 0;

This method calculates the contribution ratio for a sales line sum of LineAmount and CostAmount.

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