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I just started diving into vi and so far learned only basic moving around/editing commands. While I am going through the book, is there a fast way to comment out a paragraph with -# in the same column with the cursor position (indenting the lines accordingly)?

Let's say I have a piece of code:

  - unless paginate(@clients).nil?
    =render :partial => 'client', :collection => @clients

and I want to comment out lines between - unless and =render :partial with -# in one column and then be able to comment them in again. What command would that be?

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In blockwise select mode, you can press I to insert in front of the block and A to insert after the block.

Setting 'relativenumber' (:set rnu) could help to count lines.

Start with CTRL-V to switch to blockwise select mode, then 8j to go down eight lines, then I#Esc to insert the #.

To remove it: dCTRL-V8j will delete blockwise.

Warning, if you happen to use vanilla gvim.exe on Windows, you probably have mswin.vim activated which remaps CTRL-V, use then CTRL-Q instead (or disable this plugin)

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Hm... using I (when I am in the blockwise select mode) throws me out of that block mode and I only manage to insert symbols at the current cursor position (naturally, I am already in the insert mode). –  Alexei Danchenkov Feb 7 '12 at 12:31
You must hit <Esc> for your changes to be applied to all the lines. –  romainl Feb 7 '12 at 12:35
It worked, hurraya! I love it more and more! –  Alexei Danchenkov Feb 7 '12 at 12:41
Of course it worked. Reference for this: :help blockwise-visual and :help blockwise-operators. –  Benoit Feb 7 '12 at 12:47

If you're less interested about the how and just want it to work, there are a number of plugins that provide (un)commenting functionality for varieties of languages. Tim Pope's commentary.vim is the one I just started using recently, as a replacement for nerdcommenter.

I just installed it so I can't speak to any defects, but Tim Pope's stuff is (nearly?) always excellent. With the plugin you could comment a Haml paragraph by selecting a visual block and typing \\\. It also takes motions, e.g. \\ap.

The link:

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If you use it often, you can define a command in your .vimrc

command -range=% C :<line1>,<line2>s/^/-#/

Then in vi, you can apply :<range>C in the usual manner. You can do this with :10,20C or .,+10C. You can use the following command for uncommenting.

command -range=% D :<line1>,<line2>s/^-#//

Since I am using vi for with languages with different types of commenting, I also us these commands:

command -range=% -nargs=1 Ca :<line1>,<line2>s/^/<args>/
command -range=% -nargs=1 Da :<line1>,<line2>s/^<args>//

Allowing you to just do :10,20Ca-#, where you can replace -# with the commenting method of choice.

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Thanks, I found it useful (have to get used to it though). –  Alexei Danchenkov Feb 10 '12 at 15:57

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