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I have used Raize CodeSite for years - first in Delphi and now in Visual Studio. I recently upgraded my development machine to a 64-bit OS. I was pleasantly surprised that everything just came up and worked - until I tried to use CodeSite in a C# app that targets 'Any CPU'. Turns out there is a known issue with 64-bit apps.

As much as I love CodeSite, I need to move on, but I have really grown dependent on this type of tool.

Can anyone suggest an alternative to CodeSite?


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Very interesting question - for my .NET development, I had to resort back down the basic debug string outputs (using the System.Diagnostics facilities) - a big step back from CodeSite :-( Wonder if they're something out there that works for 64-bit .NET stuff, too! –  marc_s May 27 '09 at 21:03

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Some things you might want to consider for gaining insight into your executing code include:

Profile Sharp (Open Source) dotTrace (Commercial) http://www.eqatec.com/tools/profiler (Free)

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