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I am reviewing a simple XML API to be used over http and was wondering if having data redundancy is a good thing or not.

<Items num_items="3" total_cost="10.00">
    <Item id="3" cost="3.00" />
    <Item id="6" cost="5.00" />
    <Item id="7" cost="2.00" />

Is num_items and total_cost useful in ensuring data integrity, or is it just pointless fluff?

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Only you can make that decision, based on the system requirements which you've not shared. If it's critical that the Items element contain a specific, predetermined number of items and it's possible for that to be not true in the real world, then you should include num_items and have an explicit definition for what to do if they don't match. If it's not important, don't complicate things.

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