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I am using keystore to protect the private key in a file using the following code

ks.setKeyEntry("kk1", pr, pass, cert1);//ks is obj of keystore,
                                       //kk1 is alias,
                                       //pr-->is private key,
                                       //pass->is the password to protect that key,
                                       //cert1-->is the certificate chain..

Later i want to store it in the file,uisng store function. My problem is

  (actual argument cannot be converted to[] by method invocation conversion)

I have given cert1 as

 X509V3Create obj=new   X509V3Create();  //it is my own class
 X509Certificate cert1  = obj.generateV3Certificate(pair);
 //in this method I set all the certificate parameters like version,alg etc..,pair is obj of key pair...

I am getting the error which I mentioned above..I can't set that parameter to null(it gives null pointer exception)

What should I pass as argument???

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Try this:[] certificateChain = new[]{cert1}
ks.setKeyEntry("kk1", pr, pass, certificateChain);
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No,it is not working..Error is-->incompatible types required: found: – user1168647 Feb 8 '12 at 4:28
You are importing the deprecated somewhere. Change that to or be explicit about using (as in the modified answer). – Rasmus Faber Feb 8 '12 at 8:31

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