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I'm using WorkRave rest reminder and want to turn off my screen when the rest window appears. I know how to turn it off.

How create an event when specified window (#IfWinActive ahk_class ...) appears?

Also, can i bind % symbol? {%} doesn't work, instead of other ones.

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Romale, Can you open the windows spy when this WorkRave rest reminder is active? You open the Windows Spy by a right-click on the AHK icon. The Window Spy will always be on-top,. When you activate the WorkRave screen, you should see the details (incl. ahk_class). I don't know what it is that you want to do with the % sign. –  Robert Ilbrink Feb 7 '12 at 16:33
Romale, any luck so far? –  Robert Ilbrink Feb 8 '12 at 17:50
1. Windows spy can't catch workrave's first stay on top warning. But i've catched it through window list (ahk_class ). How can i bind an action, when it appears? 2. Example, not works: 5::{%} %::{5} –  Roma Maleev Feb 9 '12 at 10:45

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To have an instant notification of a window appearing, use a Shell Hook. This is sometimes so fast that autohotkey can react before you even see the window yourself.

A shell hook is demonstrated on the AutoHotkey Forum.

An example with your usage (almost copied verbatim from the forum post):

SetBatchLines, -1
Process, Priority,, High

Gui +LastFound
hWnd := WinExist()

DllCall( "RegisterShellHookWindow", UInt,hWnd )
MsgNum := DllCall( "RegisterWindowMessage", Str,"SHELLHOOK" )
OnMessage( MsgNum, "ShellMessage" )

ShellMessage( wParam,lParam )
    If ( wParam = 1 ) ;  HSHELL_WINDOWCREATED := 1
        WinGetTitle, Title, ahk_id %lParam%
        If  ( Title = "WorkRest" )
            WinClose, ahk_id %lParam% ; close it immideately

If you want to use a literal % symbol in a command, escape it with AutoHotkey's escape character, the backtick ` (on the same key as ~ on a US keyboard) like so:

MsgBox You are 200`% awesome!
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This is fantastic and works great! Take a look at this answer as well. Can you design your script to do that as well? I.e. detect all existing windows as well and see if previously seen or not? –  Vijay Apr 23 at 9:01


You can try this, but since I don't use WorkRave, I can't test it.

; This next line needs to be added at the top of the AHK file, so it will be started as soon as AHK starts.
; Every 120000 ms, it will launch the "WorkRave:" script to check if a window with WorkRave exists.
SetTimer, WorkRave,120000 ; Run WorkRaveTester every 2 minutes = 120000

; Somewhere else in the AHK file.....
WorkRave: ; This is the label for the WorkRave script
SetTitleMatchMode, 2 ; 2 = Matches the string WorkRave anywhere in the window title of IfWinExist
IfWinExist, WorkRave ; When WorkRave window exists
  TrayTip, WorkRave, Started ,1 ; Or whatever you want to do here....
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