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I have setup the JDBC connection pooling and its showing the following error when I execute a sample JSP page trying to use a connection.

Error occurred org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp.SQLNestedException: Cannot load 
    JDBC driver class 'com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybDriver' 

I have placed the jconn2.jar both in common/lib and web-inf/lib as well. How do I rectify the error?

    The context.xml

        <Resource name="jdbc/mysybase" auth="Container"
                  type="javax.sql.DataSource" driverClassName="com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybDriver"
                  username="scott" password="tiger" maxActive="20" maxIdle="10"

    In The web.xml file
     <description>Sybase Datasource example</description>

    And the jsp page

    <%@page import="java.sql.*"%>
    <%@page import="javax.naming.Context"%>
    <%@page import="javax.naming.InitialContext"%>
    <%@page import="java.sql.Connection"%>
    <%@page import="java.sql.SQLException"%>
    <%@page import="java.sql.ResultSet"%>
    <%@page import="javax.sql.DataSource"%>
    <title>Obtaining a Connection</title>

        Connection conn = null;
        ResultSet result = null;
        Statement stmt = null;
         try {
           Context initContext = new InitialContext();
        Context envContext  = (Context)initContext.lookup("java:/comp/env");
           DataSource ds = (DataSource)envContext.lookup("jdbc/mysybase");
           conn = ds.getConnection();
        if (conn != null) 
            String message = "Got Connection " + conn.toString() + ", ";
            out.write("hello no conn obtained");


            stmt = conn.createStatement();
            result = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM Student");

         catch (SQLException e) {
             out.write("Error occurred " + e);


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Do you have all other relevant JAR files? such as commons dbcp, collections, pool in your lib ? –  ring bearer Feb 7 '12 at 13:27
do you have full stacktrace? It should contain the root exception. –  yair Feb 7 '12 at 13:33
I have all these jar files in my common/lib.What else do i need aprt from the below mentioned. servlet-api.jar, naming-resources.jar, naming-factory-dbcp.jar, naming-factory.jar, jtds2.jar, jsp-api.jar ,jconn2.jar, jasper-runtime.jar, jasper-compiler-jdt.jar, jasper-compiler.jar, commons-el.jar. –  gautam vegeta Feb 7 '12 at 13:33
Error occurred org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp.SQLNestedException: Cannot load JDBC driver class 'com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybDriver' is all i get when i execute the jsp page. –  gautam vegeta Feb 7 '12 at 13:35
Make sure there is com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybDriver in your jconn2.jar and not com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver. –  mrembisz Feb 7 '12 at 14:02

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Sybase JDBC driver has different package naming in different versions. You are trying to load newer version com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybDriver, while your jar most likely contains older com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver.

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One last thing.This pooling is working for jsp/servlets.Will i be required to do any changes for the jdbc pooling to be available for normal java classes. –  gautam vegeta Feb 8 '12 at 4:18
@gautamvegeta It should work fine for any jdbc based api. –  mrembisz Feb 8 '12 at 7:43

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