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I want to read a text file where fields data are separated by delimiter | (pipe symbol).

But some unexpected happened :

Here is my code :

doScannerTest ("Y~2011~GT~Nepal~Ganesh~Tiwari~N", "~");
doScannerTest("Y|2011|GT|Nepal|Ganesh|Tiwari|N", "|");

private static void doScannerTest(String recordLine, String delim) {
    java.util.Scanner lineScanner = new java.util.Scanner(recordLine);
    while (lineScanner.hasNext()) {

The delim ~ works fine but | prints all characters in recordLine.

Why the record with delim | is not working ? I cannot change the framework code(which uses Scanner) and use String Split.

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the pipe character is a reserved regex character, you will need to escape it. for example you need to use


putting that in your code gives the below output

  • Y
  • 2011
  • GT
  • Nepal
  • Ganesh
  • Tiwari
  • N
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OH. i got it. used "[|\*]" instead of |. and problem got solved.. thanks – gt_ebuddy Feb 7 '12 at 13:29

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