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Is there away to override the default "drag to select" behaviour in Tkinter text widget to allow column selection? I'd like the user to point mouse, press left button and move while holding left button to select in column mode. With the default behaviour selection is line oriented. I'd like something like vim column mode.

Thank you, L-

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Yes, there is a way, though it will require some work. The basic idea is to bind to <ButtonPress-1>, <B1-Motion> and <ButtonRelease-1>. In those bindings you'll have to keep track of where the cursor was when it was clicked and where it is when it is being dragged. You'll then have to compute which characters are within that bounding box, and add the sel tag to those characters individually.

This should be pretty straight-forward if you use a fixed width font with wrapping turned off. With a variable width font, and/or with wrapping allowed, the problem will get much harder. Ultimately, though, it boils down to doing a little math while the user drags the mouse.

For inspiration, you can see how someone did this in tcl/tk on the block-select page on the tcler's wiki.

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Thank you very much Bryan for your help! I'm working the way you suggested, I hope I can post here a snippet of code as soon as possible. Thank you for the link too, I searched tcl/tk wiki but had no luck (maybe the right tag to look at was block select instead of column select) – Luca Feb 8 '12 at 19:47

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