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I would like to multiplicate a pdf page 4 times and produce one single (larger) page that contains that 4 mini page. There is an Acrobat plugin called AutoPagex which can repeat page content and produce an other page with them, but I need in that way that the 2 page bellow should be upside down (see the image). Can somebody help me? Which application can do that?

It will be also good if I could merge two pages into one...

Mirrored content duplication

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you can do the trick

java -cp path....to/Multivalent.jar tool.pdf.Impose -dim 2x2 -paper 2widhtx2heightin -layout 1,1,1u,1u file.pdf

single pdf page repeated and 2 times mirrored


if your copy of Multivalent.jar resides in /mnt/home/ then your path will be java -cp /mnt/home/Multivalent.jar

-paper parameter indicates the width and height of page containing 4 times your original pdf page, so, its dimensions, need to be calculated doubling width and height of your original page size

in = inches [other allowed units are pt (points) or cm (centimeters)]

notes: this work flow is intended to be working if you have a single source pdf page. If you have a multipage source pdf, then the way to do this trick is different; please, give to us further details in this case


for multipage source pdf whose you need to repeat every page 4 times ** (* 2 times rotated by 180 degrees*) **one same PAGE, ...use this script that relies on pdfinfo and Multivalent.jar:

# a dingo's script to repeat one same page 4 times in another page (once rotated by 0 degrees, and  twice, at bottom, rotated by 180 degrees)
# usage (it asks for 3 arguments):
# nameofscript file.pdf number of pages Multivalent.jar path
#example: rotatepdfpage4times file.pdf 16 /mnt/home
rep="$(for ((a=1, b=1; a <= $pages; a++, b++)); do echo -n "$a $b $a$u $b$u "; done |xargs | tr ' ' ',')"
origsizewidth="$(pdfinfo -box 1.pdf| grep MediaBox | cut -d : -f2 | awk '{print x  $3 FS $4}' | tr ' ' 'x' | cut -d x -f1 | cut -d . -f1)"
origsizeheight="$(pdfinfo -box 1.pdf| grep MediaBox | cut -d : -f2 | awk '{print x  $3 FS $4}' | tr ' ' 'x' | cut -d x -f2 | cut -d . -f1)"
doublewidth="`let MULTIPLICATION=$origsizewidth*2; echo $MULTIPLICATION`"
doubleheight="`let MULTIPLICATION=$origsizeheight*2; echo $MULTIPLICATION`"
echo $pdfname
echo $pages
echo $rep
echo $doublewidth
echo $doubleheight
echo "$doublewidth$xfactor$doubleheight$ptunit"
java -cp $multivalentpath/Multivalent.jar tool.pdf.Impose  -dim 2x2 -paper "$doublewidth$xfactor"$doubleheight$ptunit -layout "$rep" "$pdfname"
exit 0

http://ifile.it/m7tr4g0 (sample source pdf file - A5 size - 595x841 pt)

http://ifile.it/rscpoxi (same source pdf imposed 4 times -paper 1190x1682pt, in one page)

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Thanks very much! –  buzoganylaszlo Feb 8 '12 at 11:22

This should be doable with pdfjam or podofoimpose.

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