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I have a 32 bit machine with windows 7, I need to install hadoop and try it out, I checked Cloudera distribution and it is for linux, VMWare images with 64 bit processor. How do I install Hadoop on windows 7 with 32 bit processor?

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Please refer below link… – Lingaraj Dec 26 '14 at 18:01
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Well, the closest thing is that you can install VMWare Player, a linux distro as a virtual machine on the top of VMWare and then the Hadoop packages on your virtual linux box. But that's slow and I wouldn't recommend it.

There's no Hadoop for windows.

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Microsoft and HortonWorks are working on migrating Hadoop to Windows Server and Azure. – Praveen Sripati Feb 8 '12 at 6:03

You can install Hadoop on windows if you install cygwin see Also Microsoft is working with Hortonworks to bring Hadoop to windows properly but for now it is only available on Azure. I understands there are plans to make it available on windows in general in the future.

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Try Hortonworks' Sandbox, it's good for learning the (very) basics.

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