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This is the regular expression that I am using atm in PHP:

preg_match('/^[\sa-zA-Z0-9]+$/', $value)

So that will do only alphabetic and numeric characters, now I need to add these symbols to be allowed in the regular expression: comma, question mark, dot, and @. How can I do this, sorry for the question I know its kinda easy but I hate regex :P

Thanks for help anyway :)

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Just add them to the class: preg_match('/^[\sa-zA-Z0-9,@.\?]+$/', $value)

I'm not sure that the question mark needs to be escaped, but I'm sure that the dot need not be escaped inside a character class.

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You can use:

preg_match('/^[\sa-zA-Z\d,@.?]+$/', $value)
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To be unicode compatible, you should use:


Have a look at this site

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