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I am trying to get the latest entry from multiples tables where i would like to get the last record inserted in to the database

This is my query

select distinct concat(e.firstname,' ',e.middleinitial,' ',e.lastname)
as empname, e.empid,egw.payperiodnumber,egw.payrollyear,date_format(cpd.paymentdate,'%m-%d-%Y')
as PaymentDate
from tblemployee e,tblemployeegrosswagesn egw,tblcustomerpaymentdates cpd
where e.empid=egw.empid and e.fedtaxid=egw.fedtaxid and egw.fedtaxid=cpd.fedtaxid
and e.PayFrequencyTypeID=cpd.payfrequencytype and 
cpd.payfrequencytype='MN' and 
cpd.payperiodnumber=egw.payperiodnumber and e.fedtaxid='546548321'
and (egw.empid,egw.payperiodnumber,egw.payrollyear) in (select empid,
payperiodid,payyear from tblcurpayresults where fedtaxid='546548321' order by empid) order by 
empid,payperiodnumber asc

I am getting the following result

enter image description here

Expected result is as follows

 Empname                   EmpID Payperiodno   Payrollyear   PaymentDate
Dorababu ldkfjg dlsfkgjwl   1430    1            2011        01-31-2012
Dorababu ldkfjg dlsfkgjwl   1430    2            2011        02-29-2012
Dorababu ldkfjg dlsfkgjwl   1430    3            2011        03-31-2012
Dorababu ldkfjg dlsfkgjwl   1430    4            2011        04-30-2012
Dorababu ldkfjg dlsfkgjwl   1430    5            2011        05-31-2012
Dorababu ldkfjg dlsfkgjwl   1430    6            2011        06-30-2012

Can any one help me please

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not very clear question. ORDER BY? –  vulkanino Feb 7 '12 at 15:00
May i know whats not clear to you. I would like to get the latest inserted record among the available –  Chaitanya Feb 7 '12 at 15:02
if you don't have an "inserted_date" column, it will be hard to do so. the sql code is a little bit messy. –  vulkanino Feb 7 '12 at 15:05
You are effectively doing a JOIN query - which column of which table do you wish to sort on? ORDER BY tbl.column DESC –  Val Redchenko Feb 7 '12 at 15:05

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Why does ORDER BY cpd.paymentdate not work? Another way is to have a supplementary column in every table, something like "Created", which would be a UNIX timestamp.

Of course, you would have to write in a current timestamp upon every insert. Have a read here:

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I am not having time stamp –  Chaitanya Feb 7 '12 at 15:05
Why not add it in? MySQL does not automatically keep track of when you insert records into the table, not to the best of my knowledge anyway –  Val Redchenko Feb 7 '12 at 15:09
If i add now i would like to add in the whole tables i am having –  Chaitanya Feb 7 '12 at 15:11
That's the idea –  Val Redchenko Feb 7 '12 at 15:17

If you dont wish to have a timestamp you could use an identity columt (surrogate key) with auto_increment then doing a search on max SK_### but without anything distinctively symbolising the insert order/time you will struggle.

Marcus Culver

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Code reworked:

    CONCAT(e.firstname, ' ', e.middleinitial, ' ', e.lastname) AS empname, 
    DATE_FORMAT(cpd.paymentdate, '%m-%d-%Y') as PaymentDate
    tblemployee e,
    tblemployeegrosswagesn egw,
    tblcustomerpaymentdates cpd
AND e.fedtaxid=egw.fedtaxid 
AND egw.fedtaxid=cpd.fedtaxid
AND e.PayFrequencyTypeID=cpd.payfrequencytype 
AND cpd.payfrequencytype='MN' 
AND cpd.payperiodnumber=egw.payperiodnumber 
AND e.fedtaxid='546548321'
AND (egw.empid,egw.payperiodnumber,egw.payrollyear) IN 
    empid, payperiodnumber ASC;

Is the first ORDER BY required?

If you add a TIMESTAMP column, it will automatically be updated with the current date/time when the row is inserted or updated. And you can ORDER BY that column.

EDIT: Also you may have the information_schema.tables table which has a column that stores each table update time. You can query this table, but I think it only works for myISAM tables.

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This is also giving the same result right –  Chaitanya Feb 7 '12 at 15:18
yes but it helps other people to better understand your query. –  vulkanino Feb 7 '12 at 15:23

Have you considered using left joins to clarify your code and maybe some indentation/general formatting.

Also your data looks a little strange. Why would Payperiodno 1 = PaymentDate 07-31-2011 but Payperiodno 4 = PaymentDate 04-30-2012?

By looks of things the payperiodno is tax month and thus to my assumption of your data, payperiodno 4 should = paymentdate 30-10-2011 and remain consecutive and not jump from month 9 to month 4.

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