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As part of a java web app, i want to use a piece of javascript that is licensed under AGPL.

This AGPL licensed piece of code will be one component of my web app... What I am confused about is, if I use this code, will that mean that my entire web app code is also to be licensed under AGPL?

The code in question generates gradient colors using Javascript-- I will modify it so that it does this within a specified rectangular/oval area of an image...And this will be part of a larger web app that allows users to edit web pages in a WYSIWYG editor (which is a web app)...

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Will you host the Javascript code on the same server? Would it perhaps matter if you hosted it on another server? (I don't know) –  KajMagnus Jun 15 '12 at 20:23

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The question to ask is "Is my work considered a derivative work of the AGPL code?" This is a difficult question to answer without more knowledge of the library in question and the details of how you are using it. Is it an optional component? How tightly integrated is it to your application?

In the end the only correct answer is to ask the author of the AGPL code. They are the ones who will sue you if you use their code improperly.

If they believe you are infringing they can sue you even if your lawyer (or random person on the internet) says you are within the letter of the law. If you clear it with them beforehand you are less like to to have problems.

When I say "sue" I mean anything from send a nice letter asking you to stop to filing a lawsuit.

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