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I have this application that directs users to Types of attractions with this function:

public function index($type=null) {
        $this->set('title','What to do when you visit Gulf Shores');

        $this->set('attractions', $c);


and it works great, but I'd like users to also be able to go to a front page /attractions/ that doesn't filter out by attr_type. This function shows zero results (as obviously $type still = null) for the front page. Is there a step I'm missing or must I have a view.ctp file and function in my controller?

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You could use an if statement to determine the conditions:

public function index($type = null) {
    $this->set('title', 'What to do when you visit Gulf Shores');

    $conditions = array();  //create $conditions outside of the if statement
    if ($type) {    //if $type is equal to anything other than null or 0
        $conditions = array(
            'active' => 1,
            'attr_type' => $type
    } else {
        $conditions = array(
            'active' => 1

    $this->paginate['Attraction'] = array(
        'limit' => 9,
        'order' => array('Attraction.id' => 'asc'),
        'conditions' => $conditions
    $c = $this->paginate('Attraction');
    $this->set('attractions', $c);

It's not actually necessary to create $conditions outside of the if statement in PHP but it is in a lot of other programming languages because of scope.

If you create a variable inside a if statement is it available outside the if statement?

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Ok, I was thinking that there was a way (but once I get into the controller for some reason I forget that I can use loops and if statements and everything!) Wylie, you are quickly becoming my savior. –  huzzah Feb 7 '12 at 19:24

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