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I'd like to refresh a dynamically when new Elements has been created. I came around 3 solutions, and like to know which is best and to prefer. Or rather: I like nr. 3 (ajax) most, but unfortunatelly this is the one not working. And I wonder how I could make it work.

a). with @Observes:

public class Facade {

private List<Customer> customerList;

public void createNew() {

public void onCustomerChanged(
        @Observes(notifyObserver = Reception.IF_EXISTS) final Customer newCustomer) {

public void findAll() {
    customerList = service.findByNamedQuery("Customer.ALL");

public List<Customer> getCustomerList() {
    return customerList;


b). just call the findAll update method directly in the dontect of createNew:

    public void createNew() {

c). with Ajax:

    public void createNew() {

        <h:commandButton id="register" action="#{facade.createNew()}"
            <f:ajax execute="@form" render=":customerTable" />

<h:datatable id="customerTable" var="_customer" value="facade.customerList">

Unfortunatelly the ajax thing does work delayed: eg create customer1 > nothing happens. create cust2 > datatable refreshes and displays cust1. and so on.

How could I fix that?

Thanks a lot

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You need to reload the list after adding new entry, exactly as you did in b).

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